Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut?

In the spring of last year I cut my hair. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, it was to me. I’d had my hair short twice in my life and HATED it both times. The last time I had it cut was shortly after we were married…. 14 years ago. The time before that, I was 8. I had some issues and barely trusted anyone to trim it. My ‘hair’ was my ‘identity’ and I couldn’t deal with CHANGE… oh scary, scary change!

However, I’d finally had enough. I wasn’t happy with how it was looking, and in all honestly, while the hair itself was lovely (it was long and wavy – ½ way down my back), it was NOT particularly flattering on ME.

So after weeks of looking at pictures online and getting pep talks from numerous people (who finally told me to SHUT UP AND DO IT ALREADY) I decided to cut it. I went to a hairdresser I trusted (it only took 3 years for her to prove herself )and said “help me!”. She made some recommendations; I made her sign an affidavit in blood promising that I would look fabulous, and I went home and hyperventilated for a few days. Then, I made an appointment. The day before I got strep. But I went in anyway because I knew if I didn’t do it THEN, I would never do it. I’m responsible that way and CERTAINLY have my priorities laid out.

She cut and colored my hair. I went from hair that hung under my bra strap to between shoulder/chin. It was curly, bouncy and framed my face and was NOT gray and I LOVED it. Really loved it. It was still long enough that I could put it up if I wanted, but looked great down. I think I might have done a little dance, peed in my pants and hugged Mary a bit too hard. (Sorry). I tried not to breathe on her.

And my friends! People I saw almost daily didn’t recognize me. It was weird, but overall the new “do” was well received. I felt like new person. I felt refreshed. It was fun and I was so happy that I cut my hair.

Anyway, we moved and I panicked! Who would cut my hair!!!??? I let it go all summer. Then I got a coupon for a FREE haircut and decided to take my chances. I couldn’t beat the price and we were broker than broke at the time.

When I talked to “Pam”, I told her about where my hair had been after the first cut explained how I wanted it similar to that. She said “ok, it was a lot shorter then” which I somewhat agree to. Then told me a bit what she would do and she got started. When I could feel a BIG breeze on the back of my neck I knew it was SHORT. MUCH shorter than before. I think I stopped breathing for a minute and kept saying “ohgodohgodohgod” in my head. And not wearing my glasses only made it worse. I was a blurry shorn blob in the mirror.

She really took her time, she was used to working with curly hair, knew I wanted easy maintenance, etc. She put in some goo and dried it a bit. I put on my glasses and held my breath as I looked in the mirror.

It was MUCH shorter than it had been before, but I LOVED IT! Even more than the first cut! I felt very chic and cool with my short, curly hair. I was worried that I wouldn’t like not being able to put it up, but I really didn’t miss that.

So, it’s been a few months since that great cut. I’m *just* able to put it back in a clip, but it doesn’t stay in very well (unless I don’t wash or brush my hair. I just wake up, take the tangled mess and let the knots hold it in place… shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone!). It still slips out and kind of annoys me. But I like the way it looks in a clip, when it stays in. When it’s down, it looks ok, but the weight of my hair is pulling the curl out, so now it just looks a bit…well, messy. I’m not really thrilled with it either way right now.

So, my dilemma is that I don’t know what to do. Do I let it grow out a bit more so I can put it up, or should I go and get it cut short again? Hmm.

I know, I’m just pondering the deep, worldly questions today, aren’t I? (yeah, I’m vain).

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