Friday, January 9, 2009

Germ Warfare

Well, the germies have moved in and set up camp and are waging full scale war on us here at Casa de Lefty. Hubster has been sick for a few days now with the same cold that I had. First this thing morning, after a horrible night, he went to an urgent care facility (we haven’t gone to a real doctor’s office yet and so can’t get in anywhere). We’re not surprised to learn he’s got one nasty sinus infection that requires pain relievers, antibiotics and nasal spray. He is prone to sinus infections; apparently it’s a genetic thing as his Dad seems to get them often too.

This morning, Mouse woke up in tears and cried for 30 minutes before I clued in and figured out that this is her usual M.O. when she is sick. She curled up on the couch with 3 layers of clothes and a wool blanket sobbing because she was still cold. Ah, the tell-tale signs of a fever. And a good one at almost 102 F. Then came the projection of the Tylenol and juice she had. Poor bean.

So, after getting her back into her jammies, setting her up on the couch with a big bowl for a day of TV Pedialyte and rest, I made a few frantic calls to my Pilates clients telling them to avoid our contaminated home. Head for the hills! Bathe in antibacterial gel! Stay away! Danger, Will Robinson, DANGER! (Hmm, a little over the top, maybe?).

It looks like a quiet weekend here for us. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon. Excuse me while I don my nurse’s cap and uniform. I know that I’ll be making the care giving rounds.

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