Saturday, January 3, 2009


Its’ 3:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon and I’m still in my pj’s in bed with crazy bed head and unbrushed teeth. It can only mean one thing… that cold I thought I was getting has arrived.

I tried to fight it off, I’ve been fighting it off for weeks and twice Zicam has been my hero and protector, albeit a bad tasting one. But this time, no, this time, the germs were too strong for any preventative remedy. They sunk their claws in deep and threw in a 101F fever and a face full of snot to boot. Fun times.

However, despite feeling crappy all of yesterday and last night, today, I’m feeling a bit better. The fever broke, I don’t feel like my head is going to explode and Hubster has let me rest the whole day. The girls have been pretty good; nursing me with pretend cups of tea and water from the play kitchen, bringing me their favourite books (Pinkalicious, Moosetache, and a few Sandra Boynton board books) to read and making me “happy dude” pictures to cheer me up. For a while Baboo insisted on “fweepin’ wif Mommy” this morning but then decided that Daddy and Mouse were more fun and ran off to play with them.

Right now the girls are playing at the foot of the bed where I’m ensconced and surrounded by papers, tissues, magazines, books, cups and Tylenol. They both have princess dresses on and are playing with a laundry basket and a clothes hanger (because they don’t have an enormous room full of toys down the hall to play with, good grief) and have spread the extra blanket on the floor. Baboo is pretending it’s an air bed and has one corner in her mouth to blow it up. Mouse is yelling at her that it’s not an air bed, it’s a picnic blanket to which Baboo responds “OK” and continues to pretend to blow. Nothing like entertainment for those in sick bay.

So I’ll continue to rest as much as I can while Hubster is home from work. Monday we’re back into the grind of school and work and I’m starting a new phase for myself: teaching Pilates classes from my living room, so I really need to be back into the game by Wednesday night.

Maybe with me doing all this sitting and resting, I’ll be able to think up and maybe even write a few decent posts. HA!

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becprints said...

Oh! I hope you feel better soon! At least it sounds like you have some great entertainment!