Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kickin My Own Butt

Ever have one of those moments where you wonder what the heck happened to your brain?

That was me tonight. Oh, what a night (and not in the good way, like the song goes).

Tonight was Mouse’s school holiday party. My girls hear the word “party” and instantly out come the sparkly dresses, “matching” tights and “princess” hair (which usually just involves wearing a hair band across the forehead). My girls LOVE a party of any kind.

It’s been a long day of “is it time for the party, yet?” and “Mama, I looked at the clock and it says xyz. Does that mean it’s time to go to the party?”

We organized the veggie tray. Got the cheese and dips ready. Put out the fancy crackers.

For the last week I have been painting 300 popsicle sticks brown. Then assembling 100 little brown popsicle stick triangles. Cutting, tying and looping ribbon over 100 little brown popsicle stick triangles. Counting 200 googly eyes and 100 pompoms. All this to make ADORABLE reindeer ornaments for 100 children. I made these last year with Mouse and they turned out so cute. I knew they'd be perfect for this holiday party. I mean really, LOOK at them. (they're from last year's Parenting magazine)

Of course, you know I was asking for it. Just ASKING for it.

Just as the girls and I were finishing getting dressed, the phone rang. Hubster was supposed to be on his way home and I just *knew* something was wrong. The roads are icy here tonight, so I was picturing the worst – an accident.

Of course, I missed the call because the upstairs phone decided to take a vacation and not turn on (despite being charged) and the downstairs phone went on strike in protest and decided not to dial out, so calling him back was a stressful endeavor. You can imagine the profane language that came out of my mouth. I finally found my cell phone in the pit that is known as my purse. I was able to get a hold of Hubster. Turns out he’s stuck in slow moving traffic , the car is chugging and the engine light is on. My stomach sinks as I realize I might have to tell Mouse that we might not be able to make it to the party tonight.

I decide to tell Mouse right away that we might not be able to make it. Of course she is devastated and I don’t blame her. Baboo just keeps asking “Why Mouse cryin’?” There is nothing sadder than a little girl, dressed in her red Christmas dress with sparkly belt,red and white snowflake tights and a green head band across her forehead, sobbing her heart out because she won’t be able to go to the much anticipated party.

In a panic, I call around to people who live close to me to see if they can at least take the food and craft to the party. I find someone and figure we’re good. I move onto consoling a heart broken Mouse.

Finally, Hubster makes it home, 45 minutes late. We look up in the car book what the light could mean and decide it’s not that big of a deal, waffle around about what to do, call the president of our school to see if the party has been cancelled (it’s not) and then say, OK, Let’s just GO. I cancel the emergency delivery, scramble to get on coats and boots . I tell Hubster to put the stuff by the door into the car as I rush around turning lights off and making sure we’re good to go.
Hubster yells “Are you coming?” from the garage as he’s buckling the kids in. I race out and lock the door.

We drive slowly and carefully and still make it in time to help finish setting up. As we’re getting out of the car and trying not to wipe out on the ice, I notice only 1 box and 1 bag in the trunk. I see food, I see paper plates… I don’t’ see…. ARGH! With another sinking feeling I realize that a weeks’ worth of work is sitting in a paper bag somewhere in my house. Somehow we forgot the $%@* ornaments.


Fortunately, there was plenty to keep the kids busy – cookie decorating, lemonade, snacks, Christmas cards and just general running around. My girls, and most of the kids had a great time regardless. The extra craft wasn't really missed, however, I was bummed that I did all that work and that the kids wouldn’t get to make these cute crafts tonight. Sigh.

I felt crummy because I had suggested this craft and everyone thought it was a great idea. I realize that I moved the bag when I was checking to make sure everything was in there, it wasn’t by the door for Hubster to load into the car and in my hurry I missed it as well.

So I spent the evening kicking my own butt and feeling stupid for not double checking.
I’m still feeling flustered and foolish – though I know this kind of thing happens. I hope the car is fine tomorrow because I’m participating in Mouse’s class, and it’s extended day so we’ll be there late. Hubster has to go into work early by CAB because we’re just not willing to risk him driving into the city. I guess we need to take the car in to see what the heck is going on with the car.

I’ve emailed the teachers of the school to let them know that there will be all the supplies for a super cute craft in the class room. Here’s hoping they get used. Otherwise, maybe I’ll make them and sell them for $10/pc on eBay! Ahahaha. Yeah, I know.

I need a drink. And a chocolate. And to go to bed. Oy.

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