Monday, December 8, 2008

The Good News and the Bad News

Good news: We got an unexpected check from our moving insurance in the mail. Whoo!
Bad news: We got our IRA statements in the mail. Wince, ouch, groan.

Bad news: Baboo had to get a shot today. She screamed bloody murder.
Good news: I was able to buy her off with a sticker and extra Hello Kitty band aid on the cheek.
(She didn’t get the shot in the cheek, but that’s where she wanted the extra band aid)

Good news: Target is right beside the doctor’s office so I got to shop at Target – which I love.
Bad news: Said beloved Target double charged me on 2 (!) items, which of course, I didn’t notice until we got home. ARGH!

Bad news: The activity table I was going to buy at Target today for the doll house in Mouse’s room is too big. It was really nice.
Good news: I bought something way cheaper and it will work just as well.

Good news: Mouse’s class made very cute gingerbread houses at school today. I stayed to take photos. They were so cute.
Bad news: She is now wired on sugar from all the “tasting”. (Our little plastic chocolate has just been outdone by frosting and Skittles at 9:15 am). I’m glad I don’t have to take photos of the kids this afternoon during the post-sugar high aftermath.

Good news: All I have to do for dinner for the next 2 nights is reheat some yummy meals from the freezer. We’re cleaning the fridge/freezer out for the next week or 2 before the holiday.
Bad news: Well, not really bad, but we’ll have some “interesting” meals over the next week.

Good news: There are 16 days until Christmas.
Bad news: There are 16 days until Christmas.

Bonus buy of the day: Crest Tooth Whitening Strips Premium. (I drink coffee, therefore I must whiten.) On sale for $27.99. I had a $5 off coupon and Target was offering a $10 gift card with the purchase of these strips. I essentially got them for $12.99, cheaper than the store brand. Whoo! Ok, so now that I have the gift card, maybe I will go back to Target and fight the 2 double charges. hehe

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