Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

So you know how I said yesterday that I was going to get out there and make some play dates? Well, uh yeah, the play dates came to me.

We’re meeting up with friends this morning and a friend from Mouse’s school asked if her kids could hang out here for a bit this afternoon while she goes to a doctor’s appointment. Next week we’re already set for an after school play date. WHOO.

See what happens when you just “put it out to the universe”? Sometimes the universe answers you VERY directly. See Mum!? I did it and it works. I can say it – you were right. Again. This is not the first time this has happened – more on that another time. It’s a good story, I promise.

Now, for an update on my “List” progress:

Christmas cards were sent out yesterday. The Christmas photos were ready for pickup on Tuesday and as a super bonus Mouse’s school photos came in yesterday morning (BEFORE I put the cards in the mail box) so I was able to include school photos. When addressing the cards, a “niggle” in the back of my brain reminded me some old friends had moved, but that niggle did not tell me WHERE I put their new address. So, even though I felt like I was “spying” on them, I Googled their names and found an email address WITH a photo, so I was sure it was them, and took a chance sending a request for the new address. As a super duper bonus, I not only got their new address but a wonderful, newsy email updating me on how they are doing. I’m just thrilled to hear from them. So Carmen, yeah, Google still works. Hehe

Despite not making all my goals for exercise YET, I’ve lost a pound.

We decided NOT to have a Christmas party because it’s just not going to work this year. There’s not enough time to get it organized before the week of the 15th and week of the 15th Hubster is on call to work late, so I won’t be able to count on him to help me out. We may invite a few friends over at some point, but we’re not going to go all out this year. Next year though, we’re on.

Christmas donation gifts are delivered.

Decorating is done.

Elmo still lives. He’s still “Jingle Bell Rockin’”. He just won’t stop – despite me letting the children have their “way” with him. They love him though, much to my poor bleeding ears. I will admit that sometimes Elmo “hides” during the day. He’s just so darn good at hide-n-seek.

So we’re getting there. How is everyone else doing? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

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becprints said...

I'll bite!
Impressed as usual by your list making, task taking.
Rock on universe, for being there when you need it. Miss you.