Monday, December 29, 2008


I know, I’ve been MIA for a few days. Yes, we’ve been busy – we’ve been shopping, going to museums, playing games, cooking, eating, watching movies etc. Overall, it’s been good.
And if I could get my head attached to the rest of my body, I might actually have some good posts to write, but the last few days I feel like I’m in a fog. My brain is somewhere else; I want nothing more than to go and climb in a cave somewhere and sleep for a long time.

I don’t feel sick or unwell at all, just strangely disjointed from everyone and everything. It’s as though I’m doing everything in slow motion and clumsily to boot. It’s frustrating as I just can’t seem to shake it and I know I’m missing out on prime holiday action.

So, that’s why I haven’t been writing. I know I’m processing the things I’m going to need to do in the next few weeks. There are some big changes that will be happening over here at Casa de Lefty and we’ve got a really busy couple of months ahead of us (I’ve just done my calendar for next year and Jan-Feb are booked solid!). I’m not really ready for all that’s going to be going on, but in my tortoise like way, I’m getting there. My Mum has been a big help in getting me ready. I miss the energy and drive I had before Christmas. I NEED it back. If anyone has seen it, could you send it to me please??

That said – despite me feeling like I’m running with bricks on my feet through a swamp, I walloped the gang at Yatzee last night! I don’t often win board/card games, cos well, I suck, but last night I hit a streak and won by a huge margin. Yeah, I had to brag about that. I know it’ll never happen again and I don’t care. It was great. Ha! I think I even did a little dance.

And while my brain is on vacation – check out Couple Bit – my dearest friend Becprints blog. She’s rockin’ it out right now with some fabulous posts.

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