Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Count Down at 10 PM... Kind of

So, today we were busy and I had a bunch of post ideas in my head and well, then my head rolled away and I still haven't found it. Have you ever seen the movie Robots where the character Bender loses his head and he keeps kicking it around - calling his own name and saying "OW" every time his feet kick him in the face? Yeah, it's been like that.

However... TOMORROW is a new day AND a New Year...all shiney and spanking new and pretty like. Oooooo. Aahhhhhh. And all these ideas in my head are going to get themselves organized and get crackin' already.

I'm hoping that tomorrow, I will hide in my bedroom for a good long time, maybe sleep, maybe eat some chocolate and guzzle a mountain of coffee and sleep some more and then find that head of mine. (hear heady, heady, heady!) Hey... maybe even write a post or two. A reflection on this past year or holidays? Plans for the future? Oh.... you just never know (and this post is the proof). At least you know not to have your expectations too high. (ha)

Until then, whenever you do your New Year's countdown - enjoy it. Tonight, we all petered out by 10:30 if not before, not that I'm known for making it to midnight... but that's ok. We're all tired and fried and Mum and Dad are back on the road tomorrow. *Sniff*

Regardless... I wish you a prosperous, peaceful and healthful 2009 filled to the brim with love, joy and laughter with a good dose of patience, fortitude and strength on the side - just in case.

Have a safe and happy evening....See you NEXT YEAR! (sorry, I couldn't resist. It's cheesy, I know)

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