Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling Better

Mouse said last night that her throat hurt just before bed. This morning, the sore throat seems to be gone and while still snotty, we're both feeling quite a bit better (crossing bendy parts). I had Hubster get some "commercially available homeopathic cold rememdy" (I'm not sure if I can say product names on my blog!) yesterday as a friend said it worked well for her. I took it at the recommended 3 hour intervals and it did seem to make a difference, but hooo boy… it tastes bad. REALLY bad: as in rhino ass bad. Not that I know what a rhino’s butt tastes like, but I’m sure it has to be bad. I had the strawberry chewables. They’re the consistency of stale Starburst candies and the outside isn’t great but it's not too bad. But, there’s a chalky bitter inside that you have to chew and chew which eventually obliterates any artificial strawberry taste that might have been lingering in your mouth. It clings to your teeth and tongue and makes you want to stick your tongue out like a dog trying to get peanut butter off the roof of it's mouth. Nasty. However, it seems to work. I’m all about suffering to get rid of a cold.

This is a cold that seems to like to hang out at our house and slam our houseguests and us at random intervals. We keep getting the same cold over and over despite disinfecting the whole house, so I KNOW not to be too hopeful today. This cold’s M.O. is to start with a sore throat, give you a break for a day or a few hours to make you THINK you’re feeling better then WHAM! It moves into your head. THEN, it slowly descends into your chest where it sits for a while. Last time it was 3 weeks. Fun times. This cold has attacked just about every houseguest we've ever had. My folks have been accosted more than a few times and Hubster's folks got to take a nasty version of it home when they were here earlier this fall. Sorry. It's like the troll hiding in our closets.

So, today I’m keeping Mouse home from school, despite her anguished protests (and I don’t blame her). In consolation, there’s the promise of a bit more snow, decorating the tree AND today is December 1st. Not only is today my little bro’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) BUT it’s also the day to start the Advent calendars. Chocolate for breakfast! YAY!

For good measure, I’m going to keep gnawing on rhino ass, or rather "commercially available homeopathic cold rememdy" and maybe knock out this “rhino” virus.

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