Friday, December 12, 2008

A Glimpse of the Future

Today Mouse’s school had a field trip to see a local high school band practice. The band teacher was really fabulous with the kids; he prepared a fantastic program of fun Christmas music, he gave all kids antlers and had them march around to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and bells to shake during Jingle Bells. The high school students were so involved with our gaggle of 4 year olds; happily answering questions about their instruments, following along as one of the kids learned how to conduct and just making eye contact and smiling. It was a fun time and truly, these music students were fantastic musicians.

Afterwards, we went to the cafeteria for enormous, festive, sugar sprinkled cookies and milk. As we walked in we were followed by a bunch of students coming in for morning announcements. I had a weird time warp moment.

When we see our “big” kids day to day, they seem, well, BIG. Many of the students were walking by and saying “Awww, how cute! Look at them! They’re so little!” I saw our kids through their eyes and compared to these big high school kids, they DID seem so little.

And then, GASP… I realized that one day I will also have a high school kid – in fact 2 (!). I had this flash of a vision of my girls almost grown up and going to high school. I think my heart stopped for a minute or two and I sprouted at least 5 more gray hairs.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that my kids will grow up but sometimes it’s hard to realize that time is moving on when you are just plodding along and every day at this stage seems so much the same.

However, every now and then, I have these momentary flashes of the future . A wake up call, if you will. When I was pregnant with Mouse, my Mum (and a friend) said, “Hey, just think – this Christmas you’ll have a 7 month old and think of all the things your baby will be doing”. I was shocked, stunned really, because I hadn’t really thought too far past the getting through the birth and actually “having” a baby at that point.

I think I’ve been going through a similar phase lately. So caught up in the day to day that it’s hard to see the future and yet, every day is a step in that direction. And every day that we leave behind IS the past. It seems obvious, I know, but when I poke my head up from the apparent monotony of this parenting trench, I’m surprised to see how quickly my kids are growing up. We really ARE moving forward.

In reference to parenting our little-big kids, Mouse’s wonderful teacher has been known to say “The days can pass so slowly, but the years really do fly by”.

How true that is.

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