Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Good morning! Merry Christmas!! After days of rain, heavy winds and freezing rain, this morning we are greeted with glorious sunshine, calm winds and tolerable temperatures.

Yesterday was an odd day with all of us feeling cooped up and cranky. The weather was nasty so the girls, my parents and I headed to a local museum; which was surprisingly quiet. We enjoyed listening to a history of Christmas carols sung by 2 talented musicians, rode the Christmas train a few times and just pleasantly passed a good chunk of Christmas eve day.

Last night, we enjoyed our delicious appetizer dinner, played some WII and read some of our favorite Christmas books before putting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and heading to bed.

Every year that we get to play Santa, I feel a connection to how to my parents must have felt when they used to be “Santa” for us. I could hardly sleep (but did) last night because I was so excited for the girls.

My Dad was the first up this morning at 6:30 and good man that he is, he had the coffee ready for the rest of us. Mouse was up shortly after, about 7, and she wanted to get everyone up to see if Santa came. She insisted on getting fully dressed in her Christmas dress, tights with her hair done before making her entrance.

Mouse was right into the whole shredding of the paper and shrieking over gifts. The highlights for her were: stuffed Eva (from the movie Wall-E), princess sled, dress up clothes, pink Landsend dress, globe, and many craft items. We’ll be busy for months to come!

Baboo saw the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe and nothing else. Several hours later, she isn’t out of the car. I imagine she’ll still be there until she’s 5 or so. She shoved a few small stocking stuffers into the little trunk of it and just sat in there. It’s really cute actually. The tiny baby doll is also popular, but she plays with it with one hand on the car.

In my effort to train them to be Cinderella’s I bought a kid sized vacuum, mop and broom. I hope it pays off in a few months and I won’t have to do any more cleaning. Mouuuhahahahhahaah. (evil laugh).

Hubster has just finished putting together his rolling tool boxes, which Mouse has just filled with the pink plastic princess tea set. (He’s trying to decide if this makes it less manly).

Me, I’ve received a lovely warm hat knit with alpaca wool, a new mouse, a kitchen knife and new coffee maker and toaster oven. My best friend B from Couple Bit made me a beautiful bracelet that fits perfectly; so unfortunately, I won’t have to come back for a custom fitting. (Thank you. I love it)

Thank you to our friends and families who took the time to send us these lovely gifts. While we feel that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, we certainly appreciate and enjoy each and every one. That you took the time and effort to do this for us means a lot.

We’ve talked on the phone with the rest of our families – feeling sad that we can’t be with everyone but grateful that we have the ability to talk to them so quickly. We miss you!

Unfortunately, my Mum hasn’t been feeling well since last night. She’s resting now and we hope that she’s feeling better soon.

So, as we sift through the Christmas carnage, get dressed, play with our new things, enjoy each other’s company, get dinner ready and generally bask the in holiday revelry; know that we are thinking of all of you and wishing you peace, joy, good health and love on this special day and every day. Merry Christmas!


becprints said...

So happy the bracelet fits and you like it. I really should have made it too small so I could fix it for you in person- I miss you!

Left of Ordinary said...

Yeah, I wondered about that. :) I miss you too!