Friday, August 21, 2009

A Visit With The Teacher

Baboo will be starting preschool 2 mornings a week this September. We have been super fortunate to have found a fantastic cooperative school that we all love. Last year was Mouse’s first year in school and it was an awesome experience. Baboo witnessed her having a great time and is ready at 2 for an introduction to school in a way that Mouse was not at this age.

But I digress. So, our school’s teachers visit each child at their home before school starts. Today, was Baboo’s home visit. She has met the teacher many times in the past at the school and has spent time in what will be her classroom. Baboo is very comfortable with the thought of going to school.

Of course the teacher arrived as the girls were playing “salon” with me. I had about ½ a bottle of detangler sprayed in one spot on my head and about 50 little barrettes and clips on one side of my head. Attractive, I know.

Bing-bong (doorbell). (perfect timing, of course)


Baboo: AAHHHH! My teacher is here! Yay! Yay! (excited yelling and running around in circles as Mouse opens the door and I frantically try to remove hair doo-dads)

Teacher: Hello Baboo. It’s good to see you again. You’re the first child I’ve seen today who is happy to see me and hasn’t burst into tears when I walk through the door.

Baboo: Meow! Meow! (getting on all fours and hopping around and assuming the “happy kitty” routine)

Teacher: Uh, ok. Are you being a kitty?

Baboo: Meow! (lick)

Me: (still removing hair stuff). Hi! Please come on in. We were, um, playing salon and I, haha, need to remove some barrettes.

Teacher: Oh yes. (silence). Girls, you did a nice *ahem* job on Mommy’s hair. How about we go and see what’s in my bag?


So, we all go into our family room, play with puzzles, read a book about school, the girls yell over each other at the teacher because Mouse is NOT going to be left out. Teacher fortunately is used to this and handles it all beautifully, which is why I love this teacher. Not much fazes her. Baboo, meows at her constantly and brings her things in her mouth – blankets, pillows, toys.

After about 20 minutes, it’s time for her to go to the next child’s home.

Teacher: Goodbye Baboo. I’ll see you in a few weeks at the class playdate.

Baboo: Meow! Meow!

Me: Well thanks for coming. We’ll see you soon. Oh, and Baboo does speak English and doesn’t just meow.

Baboo: MEOW!

Teacher: I know. I’ve heard her speak before. (pats Baboo on the head)

Me: uh….

Teacher: Haha. I know. Ok, we’ll see you soon.

Baboo: Meow! Byebye Mrs. Mommy!

Me: uh….


It’s soo nice to make a good, intelligent impression on your child’s educator, don’t you think? Maybe, it’ll be better luck next time for me, when we meet with Mouse’s teacher next week. I hope. (note to self, do not play “salon” before the teacher arrives.)


Jenny said...

Ha! This is totally something that would happen at my house.

Rebecca said...

This had me laughing. I'm sure Baboo will learn to be a very smart kitty at school.