Monday, June 22, 2009

A Rambling Post of Mostly Nothing-ness

Yes, I’ve been MIA again. Maybe I’ve fallen into the void where my keys are. No, I still have not found my keys. &^%@#

So what have I been doing? Well, last week was hot so we were at the pool. A lot. I think I’ve seen gills starting to grow on my kids. And webbing between their fingers and toes. My kids are the crazy, kamikaze kids you see at the pool – you know, the smallest ones jumping in the deep end with no floatation devices. Or diving to the bottom of the pool for rings/sticks. We elicit a lot of stares and amazed head shakes. They are nearly fearless (especially Baboo) but are confident, good swimmers. Mouse swam from the end of the deep end all the way to the shallow end by herself yesterday, without stopping. It was awesome and she felt like a million bucks. Even the lifeguard (we’ve been there enough that they all know us) was clapping and cheering her on.

I’ve also been in decorating mode. I found the fabric that fits my combined kitchen and family room perfectly and working with my Mum, we have devised a great plan and I’ll put her to work later this summer, painting furniture, making curtains and the like. And we’re doing it all for $500 or LESS! Hey, maybe we should make a show about that? NEVER MIND… there’s already a show with EXACTLY the same theme. HA!

I think I’ve been reluctant to really DECORATE our home. The previous owners were well liked by the neighbours and left a few things (curtains, wall shelves etc) that while they didn’t really suit us, weren’t highly offensive either. I felt bad booting their presence out of the house. But they don’t live here any more. I know. It’s stupid.

But now I feel like I can put our STAMP onto the house and make it ours. ! I’m very excited about it though. It’s going to look great and to me, it already feels more settled.

I’ve been attempting to clean up a bit. It looks like a bomb went off in just about every room. I’ve been cleaning out some books and baby stuff and have set up a few things to sell on Ebay. I sold my Hypnobabies cds/book last night in 5 minutes. Seriously. While I’m happy about that, I think my heart broke a little bit. It seems so… final. Admitting that yes, we are done. No more births. I can’t say that I got rid of ALL my birth books, I just can’t.

And my sling. I had it all ready to post and I caved. I can still use it with Baboo, though I rarely do, mostly because she’s so fiercely independent. Mouse in particular, lived in the sling until she was 3. Maybe I need to hang onto it and pass it down to her when she’s ready. I used the denim LLL carrier my Mum used on my brother for both kids when they were tiny babies. It worked great.

And I’ve learned that I can’t sell my cloth diapers on ebay. Anyone want to buy some cloth diapers and covers, in excellent shape??

It doesn’t help, that for Father’s Day I got Hubster a digital picture frame and loaded it with photos of the kids from the year dot. And then I watched them grow up in front of my eyes when I previewed the slide show. And then my heart broke into a hundred tiny little pieces. It was wonderful and bittersweet at the same time. I love who they’re becoming but at times I miss their baby-ness so much. Those days that seemed endless at the time, now seem to have passed in the blink of an eye.

The girls loved watching the photos and laughing at their funny faces or crowing “THAT’s ME when I was a BABY” when one of their photos came up.

In other news that makes me feel old, especially with my birthday right around the corner, my brother, my little brother (who is also almost 33 years old!) is getting married. Yes, married. Not for a few years, but this weekend he proposed to the young lady that he loves and he called to tell me all about it. He sounded happy and excited and I'm happy and excited for him. I wished them well and am already looking forward to meeting his fiance in a couple of weeks.

So now I’ve rambled on about mostly nothing, which is mostly how things are going for us these days. We’re rambling around at top speed, not really getting much of anything done, but mostly enjoying ourselves none-the-less.

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