Friday, October 23, 2009

A Testament to My Current State...

Baboo was begging for her chock-wit milk this morning after another rough night of her coughing and me getting up with her. This is the 3rd night of crummy sleep for both of us.

I walked over to the dishwasher, got out a sip cup and lid, turned to the COFFEE POT and FILLED THE SIP CUP WITH HOT COFFEE... then walked to the pantry to get the Instant Breakfast. I had the lid off the can, spoon loaded with powder before I even NOTICED there was COFFEE and not milk in her cup.

I laughed hysterically for a minute picturing the results of Baboo on coffee, and then shuddered a bit at picturing the results of Baboo on coffee and not wanting to waste said precious coffee, poured it back into the pot and proceeded to make the REAL chock-wit milk.

It's gonna be one of THOSE days.

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