Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winding Down

We’re still at “Rural Canadian Cottage”, at least for a few more days. I think. The girls and I have been away from home for almost 3 weeks and I’m starting to feel my head switch back into “home” mode. Next week will be a busy week, after a 2 day drive home that I’m NOT looking forward to. However, I do want to get home, so it’s one of those necessary things. Hubster is missing us something fierce and wants us home. I know that when we once we’re home, we’ll be in the downward spiral towards fall and school. It’s already half way through July. How is that possible? Time seems to be passing so, so quickly.

This has been an interesting trip. In the first leg, as I mentioned before, we were visiting with family and celebrating Hubster’s Mom’s 60th birthday in our hometown, where Hubster and I grew up, went to school together, met and were married. We had a great time catching up with family and the few close friends that are still around. It was weird to be back. It felt familiar and strange at the same time. Things have not changed much in the 10 years since we’ve moved away, but it definitely doesn’t feel like “home” any more.

Then the girls and I headed up to my family’s cottage, a place I’ve been coming to during the summers since before I was born. (Yes, this is possible because my Mum came up when she was pregnant with me. So there). My Dad grew up here as well. There’s history and memories and despite the fact that things have changed pretty dramatically (we have more sleeping space, indoor plumbing (whohoo!)) and the whole place while still structurally the same, has morphed into a “new” place. It’s fun and comfortable and I’m glad to have it to share with my girls. They love being here. Swimming in the lake, going for ice cream in town, playing badminton, going for boat rides and fishing, and having chipmunks eat right out of your hand. It feels wholesome and good.

Local "Zippy" chipmunk. Will beg for peanuts. Or climb on your shoe. Or take it out of your hand.

I was able to escape for my first night away from the girls since they were born. Seriously. Mouse is 5 and I’ve never been away from them; either of them overnight. I stayed in the city with a friend I’ve known for almost 25 years and we had a fabulous totally grown-up 24 hours that included dinner out, pedicures and shopping in fancy boutiques. Very cool. And though I did miss the girls a bit, I wasn’t totally blown away. And they seemed to do really well also. I guess it wasn’t so much that I was worried for THEM, it was that I was worried for my FOLKS who would be watching them. I know that they’ve done all of this before, and knew they could (*edited because I had originally written "couldn't". Mum laughed and said - wow! freudian slip? oops! ahahah) handle it, but I figure they’re retired, they’ve raised their kids, they shouldn’t have to deal with little kid shenanigans any more. But I appreciated it a lot – so THANKS Mum and Dad!

And I turned 35. So, I guess I’m on the downhill slope to 40. I suppose at some point I should start feeling my age. My head has caught up to about 25ish, I think. I’m always surprised to think of how “OLD” I am. And as far as I can tell, my arms haven’t gotten any shorter. (thought, I’m sure my hair is greyer). I ended up with 3 cakes (since coming north, not all in the same day) to celebrate my special day, a chance to sleep in, some fun presents and a “party” put on by Mouse and my Mum and my Dad did a fireworks show off the dock for me. I rang in 35 with a literal BANG! All in all, a good transition to almost middle age. Ha.

Spice Cake (my fav) made by Mouse and Mum

Cool fireworks effect.

I’ve been really fortunate to get a lot of time to visit this trip. Visit with extended family, friends, my Grandfather (who didn’t remember me, but that’s ok), catch up Aunts and Uncles I don’t get to see often, see my little brother and meet his wonderful finance. This is all good for me. I feel like it fills me up and connects me to the life I don’t get to mesh with very often living so far away.

I always catch up on my favourite “food” while I’m up North, by which I mean crap food. Cadbury chocolate, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Dare Real Fruit Gummies, Voortman Flakie Pastries. Mmmm. And I SWEAR that Kraft dinner (which I can barely stand the smell of at home) tastes better here as well. And my Dad BBQs a mean steak. I’m going home with some “work” do to. A lot of walking. Oy.

The weather has been way less than stellar this whole trip. Cold, rainy, windy with just a few sunny, warm days thrown in just to keep you optimistic that tomorrow will be better. I wonder what happened to summer! And while the girls have done very, very, VERY well with all of the moving around, visiting, travel, transition stuff, its’ life on the road for us. Its’ late bedtimes, off schedules, weird eating (if any at all). I think I’ve handled things pretty well and I’ve had a lot, A LOT of help from many people, its’ hard being Mom when I’m away. It’s my life in a different place but without all the things I’m used to. I love to travel and enjoy being in different places, but at heart I’m a homebody and like my space.

So after almost 3 weeks, we’re wearing down and chomping at the bit to get home. But it makes me feel like I’m not appreciating and taking advantage of the time we have here. It’s gone by so fast, but at the same time makes me feel like we’ve been away for AGES. It’s a travel time-warp. However, I know the last few days will fly by and we’ll be crash landing back into real life before we know it.

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