Friday, February 26, 2010

TGIF...(Today we Got an Idiotic Flat)

Oh, it’s been a long couple of days. Mouse is better, thankfully, and even more thankfully, no one else got sick. Hor-ray.

We’re all still a little worn out though, frazzled around the edges, droopy and ready for a rest. Today is Friday and we’ve all been looking forward to the weekend. Mouse had piano a lesson right after school (it went pretty well despite practicing only twice this week) and though we did think about going to the library, we all elected to just go home and chill out. I was looking forward to a sitting and reading my book and having a nice hot cup of coffee when, BAM! We rounded a corner, hit one of those massive winter potholes and totally blew a tire. *insert expletive here*.

FORTUNATELY, we have AAA because I’m all girly ‘n stuff and though I probably could change the tire, I didn’t want to. The whole service experience rocked and we were outta the parking lot we were waiting in in there in less than half an hour. Worth every penny!

As we were waiting for the service guy to come, I unbuckled the girls and they climbed into the front seat and we goofed around and ate crackers and looked at library books. At one point, Baboo was trying to wink. She kept trying to close just one eye, but just couldn’t get it figured out. Mouse said “Baboo! You need to close just ONE eye. Why can’t you do that?” and Baboo replied, emphatically “I don’t KNOW! I think it’s out of batteries!”

It was the right note to keep the day light hearted, and we laughed about as we drove home on our banana yellow spare tire.

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