Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pedaling in Flippers

Ever get the feeling that you’re pedaling in flippers? Well, maybe that’s because you are.

It’s been that kind of day here. Mouse had stomach bug last night and so it was a long night as I was up with her every hour until this morning. I guess that 2 other girls from her class were also sick last night. And of course, I was in Mouse’s class yesterday as a participating parent.

Things settled down for Mouse by this morning, but she was definitely wrung out for the rest of the day as were the rest of us who got little sleep. So we all spent most of the day lounging around and taking it easy. So far, I’m doing ok other than feeling a bit queasy, but that could just be from lack of sleep.

Baboo is fine, and I wonder if she’s more resistant to the stomach bugs as she got the rota virus vaccine. Regardless, she slept just fine last night and as much fun as it was to have a popsicle at breakfast and watch hours of tv like poor Mouse, she eventually got bored.

I had an errand to run, so I took her out to the grocery store while Hubster and Mouse rested. That killed about an hour. When we got back she was antsy and the rest of us were fried. She generally plays well by herself and today she was a trooper. While the 3 of us barely stayed awake on the couch, she played and chatted by herself for quite a long time. When she came around the corner into the kitchen riding her tricycle in swim flippers, I just had to summon the energy to get off my butt and find the camera.
Today felt exactly like we were all pedaling in flippers.

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