Friday, November 28, 2008

Snapshots of Thanksgiving

After being told that she was too young to watch the Kungfu Panda movie, Mouse decided to throw a bit of a tantrum (further evidence that she’s too young) yelling “I WANNA WATCH HORSE SHOE PANDA”.

I was feeling a bit under the weather today and so I went to lie down for a while. The Hubster decided to take the girls outside as it was sunny and lovely out and they were bursting with little girl energy. From my cozy cocoon in my recently redecorated bedroom, the warm sun shining through the blind (and my back being nicely toasted by my heating pad) I hear the girls delighted giggles and shrieks as Daddy chases them around the yard.

We generally have a quiet Thanksgiving with just us 4 and this year was no different. After I got up from a rest to check on the turkey, my Dad (from Canada) called to wish us Happy Thanksgiving and just talking to him for a few minutes made me feel so thankful that he’s my Dad.

Yesterday, Mouse and I made pumpkin pie. Into a bowl, we carefully plopped canned pumpkin and smashed eggs (then picked out shells), poured evaporated milk and measured spices (sort of) and sloshed it all over the counter before pouring it into a premade pie shell. Yesterdays’ messy memories became today’s delicious pie. I love me some pumpkin pie. The girls however, would have none of the pie and ate 4 bowls of whipped cream each.

Dinner’s on the table, Mouse helped me “make the table nice” with a table cloth and napkins and my grandmother’s silver. Baboo is in her seat and saying loudly “I WAIT” because she knows to wait for all of us to sit down. We’re gathered around and Mouse, unprompted, says “I think we should say thank you to Mommy for this yummy dinner” and I gratefully receive the thanks and respond almost tearily by saying “I’m so glad to have you to cook for”. Hubster says “I’m thankful we’re all here and are family” and Baboo lifts up her little glass of sparkling berry juice and yells “CHEERS”. We clink glasses several times and start to dig into our thanksgiving feast then comes the “Where’s the ketchup?” question. Oy.

The food was delicious, and I’m grateful to have been feeling better to enjoy it. The kids barely ate anything, but well, that’s all par for the course these days.

I harken back to last year’s Thanksgiving that involved a rushed dinner, 2 screaming kids and 2 frazzled parents followed by 3 days of 4 people puking. I’m grateful we’re not having that kind of Thanksgiving today.

The turkey is carved and put away. The potatoes, veggies and stuffing are tucked into their little plastic containers and the pie and leftover whipped cream are carefully covered all for tomorrows yummy leftover creations. The carcass is in the stock pot simmering away for soup and I’m at the point where I’m beyond smelling turkey. My house positively reeks of Thanksgiving.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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