Friday, November 28, 2008

Brownie Points for the Hubster

Maybe it’s because Hubster knows I’ve started a blog and wants to me to have POSITIVE things for me to write about in reference to him, but yesterday and today he has been pretty helpful. Not that he’s not generally helpful, but for him to do things unasked is well, unusual.
Yesterday, he knew I was sick and he let me rest for the day. He kept the girls busy, fed them lunch and helped with the cleaning up after dinner. He even picked the meat off the turkey bones for me, which is a job he usually despises.

Today, he brought the soup stock in from the garage – unasked AND when he came downstairs after getting dressed, he took the slip cover off the couch and cushions for me because I’d said at breakfast that I’d wanted to wash them today. All without me having to ask! I think I stood in the kitchen with my mouth hanging open for a while.

When I went upstairs to get dressed and generally tidy up, I walked into our bedroom to find the bed made. Another stunner. Talk about a bonus day.

However, when I walked into the closet there were clothes everywhere and dirty socks balled up on the floor.

Ah well. Close enough.

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