Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since I really didn’t “look” into this blog thing too much before jumping in, (I guess I thought I was an “expert” because I READ so many blogs – ahahah! Uh not), today I decided to look at how to put advertisements on my site to see if I can generate some income. I started to register for Google’s AdSense but decided to check out some other options. I’ve noticed that many of the blogger’s I read use BlogHer. I know about BlogHer and have read the blogs of people who have BEEN to the BlogHer conference. It seems exciting and intriguing and WOW what a great thing. BUT… gulp. So many great blogs! So many wonderful writers! I look into the BlogHerAds and start to panic! My nagging inner nay-sayer who thrives on my generous sense of self-doubt starts to take over my brain. “You don’t belong! You can’t do this! What were you THINKING!? You have no idea what you are doing… look at the talent these people have! Do you honestly think you’ll make it – that you could possibly fit in?"

Part of me is relieved to see that BlogHerAds isn’t accepting any new applications for ads right now.

I abandon this ad research project because for the moment I’m feeling overwhelmed, a bit discouraged and way, WAY out of my league. I’m picturing the scene in Finding Nemo where Dory and Marlin are discussing what whales eat and Dory says “Whales eat krill and I don’t see any krill”. Then a bunch of krill swim by, fleeing for their lives yelling “SWIM AWAY! SWIM AWAY!” and Dory says “Hey look! Krill!”. I had one of those SWIM AWAY moments right then. This is my usual response to moments of uncertainty.

Hubster has taken Mouse to the movies today, so it’s just Baboo and I hanging out for the morning. We went for a walk to the pond to see if there were any ducks; and there were. They were, quite literally, ON the duck pond because it’s mostly frozen over. We fed them some stale crackers, nearly got accosted by starving, frozen ducks, watched them skate around for a bit on the ice, talked about all the dogs we saw and heard, then VERRRYYY slowly made our way home.

The fresh, crisp air and bright sunshine has calmed my panic a bit and renewed my spirit. I’m feeling like I can figure this blog thing out – though I will likely make some mistakes. I’m ready to take a chance and see where this leads. It might work or it might not and though the thought of failure brings me to a kind of seizure, I decide to keep forging ahead any way. I know I have a good network of knowledgeable people to ask for guidance and hopefully I won’t drive them crazy by asking for help. I also feel inspired to follow up on another potential income opportunity I have been thinking about. (Did I mention I’m a good thinker and planner but really SUCK at following through?)

Next up … my list of things to “accomplish” before Christmas! (Which is only 25 days away!)

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