Friday, November 28, 2008

Pancakes! Now with 100% more candy!

This morning was a “family bed” rerun. At sometime in the night, Mouse brought her bear and water cup down and climbed onto Hubsters’s side of the bed. I only knew this because I woke up at some point and wondered why I could hear another person “breathing” and realized that Hubby was closer to me which means that daughter #1 has joined us. I fall back asleep to be awoken at 6 am by Baboo screaming from her crib “MAMA! MAMA!” (Followed by the little tinkling electronic sound of the Leap Frog Frog-thing being turned on and hearing the Frog’s voice saying “This is the story of”… followed by my much deeper voice saying “Mouse’s" Name. There’s something disturbing about that.) I go and bring Baboo into our bed. We’re all snuggled rather uncomfortably into the bed. Hubster decides after about 15 minutes he’s had enough and gets up. Baboo wiggles around and starts to say “I go bump bump down stairs, Mama. Go watch Geor-tch”. It’s officially 6:23. WAYYYY to early for a holiday morning. I’m sure that’s some sort of crime. Mouse is still snoring soundly.

We watch a bit of Curious George (thank you PBS marathon) and I decide to treat the family to breakfast. Pancakes! Bacon! WHOO! But wait…. My children are NOT breakfast eaters. Most mornings are a challenge that make me want to claw my eyeballs out. However, I figure, why not entice them with chocolate chip happy faces in their multigrain pancakes (I’m all about BALANCE, right?) As I’m opening the cupboard for vanilla, I see heart shape sprinkles. Hell, why not!? So, it’s chocolate chip happy face pancakes with a heart shaped sprinkle nose. Aren’t I “sweet”?

The kids pick out the chocolate chips, munch on ½ a slice of bacon, lick syrup off their fingers and Hubster pouts because I don’t make HIM a chocolate chip happy face pancake with a heart sprinkle nose.

A great start to the day.

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