Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Mabel

The duck saga continues.

Friday afternoon we were outside enjoying the 70+ degree sunny weather when Mama duck walked right up to us, and helped herself to half of Baboo’s popsicle. This naturally, resulted in a huge, indignant outburst. Not unexpectedly, of course… we are talking about POPSICLES people!

After, staring in amazement at a duck eating a popsicle, I got Baboo a new one and brought out a couple of crusts of bread. The duck, now known as Mabel, ate right out of our hands. And then proceeded to hop on the deck and poop on it. Classy.

Her mate, known as Earl, watched noisily from the neighbor’s roof top. Hilarious.

Yesterday, the girls and I were puttering around in the house, getting ready to go and play outside, when we saw a brown, ducky head poke over the base of the screen door and look into the house. Mabel came to call, looking for a handout, apparently. So, we grabbed another crust of bread and fed her on the deck. She hung around for a while, took a little rest under the slide, until the neighbor kids caught site of her, and then she vanished.

But, she came back last evening as I was cleaning up the deck. She followed me around, quacking softly. I told her to help herself to the slugs in the yard.

Hubster’s not as thrilled so thrilled with this. But me, well, I don’t really mind having a duck following me around the yard. Must be the country girl coming out.

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becprints said...

I want a duck following me around! I'm jealous!