Sunday, February 1, 2009

Greetings from Sunnyville

And so we have arrived safe and sound in Sunny-ville. So far things are going very well. We’ve already been very busy, buzzing around doing all sorts of things.

Baboo has a bit of a cold that seems to make her sound worse than she feels and we’re all holding our breath to see if we’re going to get it. Especially since she slept ½ the night 1.5 inches from my face, breathing and coughing all over me. Yay.

Regardless, yesterday after leaving at the butt-crack of dawn, we arrived here at about 9:30 am, ready to get the day going after hearty and cheap breakfast from McD’s (only because every other restaurant in a 5 mile radius was PACKED). We went and picked 2 buckets of hydroponic strawberries and then found a little farm with a sweet older lady who drove us in her little Kubota to pick some of the few oranges that have not been damaged by frost. The girls had a wonderful time and she and her granddaughter showed us their chickens, bunnies and cows. The girls loved it. Baboo picked an orange off the tree, hugged it to herself, patting it and saying “I wuv you owange” before slam dunking it into the bucket.

Despite the air being cool, the pool is heated so Mouse and Papa went swimming. They both returned a little chilly. We’re not going to get the 80 F weather we hoped for, but the suns’ out, there’s no snow and we can play outside without 17 layers of clothes on. So, I’ll take that.

Today we hit a local playground for a while then headed off to a little carnival with little kid sized rides. We only had to buy Mouse an arm band, Baboo was free and Hubster and I accompanied them. 42 trips on the carousel on a horse now named “Rosie” because of the roses she was covered in certainly paid for the band. We also loved the slide and the twirling airplanes (but NOT going up and down!). We took the girls on a “little” dragon roller coaster and I felt like *I* was going to fall out, I tried to keep sending the junior carnie the pleading eyeball – begging him to stop the ride early. Baboo was so terrified she didn’t start crying until it was done! I did the whole nervous laugh when we got off, thinking God, don’t let me on there again. I know, I’m a chicken. Craziness.

The kids running the little carnival were so young. I kept wondering if they were actually “qualified” to work the rides. But then I thought, well, is there a degree for being a carnie? I don’t know. It all feels a bit shady to me.

Anyway… sending you some sunshine and fire ants from Sunny-ville. And the required neighborhood wave as we pass anyone who happens to be outside. No really, it’s REQUIRED. “Thou shall wave to thine neighbor”. That and driving at 15 mph. Geezers on gigantic trikes are passing us as we wave and weave out way through the park. Ah retired life. It’s good. (haha)

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